Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Nasi Kerabu & Ayam Bakar @ Norra, Terengganu

The best nasi kerabu? You better believe it! Simply awesome :-)
Now if only I can get Ah Siang to part with the GPS coordinates of this place ... haha. All I can say is that its along the road from Kuala Terengganu to Kuantan!

Update 8th Sept 2010! Ah Siang did share the GPS coordinates with me -
N05 24.680 E103 04.274

What's Nasi Kerabu?
This is a very healthy malay dish with rice mixed in a combination of traditional ulams and vegetables such as daun kadok, ulam raja, bunga kantan, daun kesom, fresh red onions and other wierd looking leaves that I've never seen. Most of these ingredients are very fragrant. At this hawker stall, their rice is blue in color and in addition to ulams, they sprinkle sweet kerisik (fried grated cocounts) over the rice. With the exception of the rice, nasi kerabu is not cooked or steamed. The ingredients are just mixed with the rice. So, this dish has a very rich natural taste.You must like eating vegetables if you are to enjoy kerabu. The ulams are fresh and you can feel the aroma being released in your mouth as you chew on the kerabu mixture. Very well made. To those of you who like nasi kerabu, this is one more place that you can frequent. As I ate, I realised that many of their patrons are Kelantanese. I can see why they are here....Anyway, if the Kerabu is too light for you, you can opt for some accompaniments.

Nasi Kerabu with Ayam Bakar (The chicken's roasted over charcoal - fabulous!), RM$2.50

An extra helping of that fantastic Ayam Bakar ...

Nasi Kerabu with Beef slices (Tender, and beautifully marinated), RM$2.50

Would you believe the 3 of us, stuffing ourselves with chicken / beef / rice / drinks, only paid slightly over RM$12 for all that delicious food. I love the East Coast!


mimi said...

nasi with ayam bakar only RM2.50?????

Anonymous said...

GPS location thk

abd said...

Well of course, it is pantai timur after all! Home of good food!

CUMI & CIKI said...

wow.. excellent kerabu eh.. well, it will be a challenge to find this place that cumi&ciki will take on , but then,we always love the challenge! haha

Julian Si said...

Finally ... the GPS coordinates :-)

N05 24.680 E103 04.274

You won't regret driving all the way there ... its so worth it!