Monday, April 07, 2008

Lam Soon @ Berkeley Gardens - Kon Loh Mee

Lam Soon Kopi tiam
Add: Berkeley Gardens (aka Taman Kenari), Klang
This is my dad's favourite kon loh mee / wantan noodles ... but I only find it average. The barley was good though, full of flavour. RM$5 for the combo.


Jojo & Kath said...

This is beside Number one claypot rice right? Sadly, i find the kon loh mee mediocre :(

have you tried the eng ann 1? try la try la try la :p

and have you eaten at imperial restaurant along the bukit tinggi road?

Julian Si said...

Thanks for the tip, I must try out Eng Ann :-)

ps - Yup, Imperial is pretty good!