Sunday, April 06, 2008

Kung Jung - Korean @ Pavilion KL

Kung Jung is located on the 6th Floor of Pavilion KL ... I rate this as the BEST Korean in town :-)

Need service? No problem ... just buzz.

Tea and sauces ... slurp.

I always love the starters at Korean restaurants ... the one at Kung Jung is possibly the best! The fish cakes, mashed potatoes AND kimchi (Yes, I liked this kimchi ... the best in my books, I reckon!) too.

Korean omellette ... delicious!
This was the superstar ... The Raw Beef with Sliced Pears. Gorgeous!
Bibimbap ... de rigeur Korean dish I reckon! Slurp...
Bulgogi with beef slices, tang-hoon (Sort of like vermicelli), and a broth full of divine flavours ... simply yummy!
BBQ marinated beef was better then the rather dry BBQ chicken I reckon ...

Thanks to our wonderful Birthday Gal host :-)


Anonymous said...

Oh this kung jung is no more at Pavillion. Its different owner since last year.

Kung Jung is only at PNB Dary Park.

John said...

As other post the Original KungJung is ONLY at PNB Dary Park. This one is a "knock off" from the first. The owners are/were using the name without permission.