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Claypot Assam Fish @ Chef Catherine's Kitchen, PJ

Add: 21 Jalan 20/13, Paramount Garden, PJ
Tel: +603 7873 0223
Opening Hours: Daily, 11am - 3pm, and 5pm - 9.30pm. Closed fortnightly on Mondays.
Located: Behind Paramount Garden's Giant supermarket, which rather much looks like a cinema!

Simple decor ... And very polite service. Greeted by the owner, and the staff was trained well enough to turn the mugs' handle towards us, when they brought us our hot water.

The owner (I assume the chinese gentleman was the owner) recommended this ... Claypot Assam Fish @ RM$12, Tilapia, which was so very fresh. Great taste as well, well recommended! And a HUGGGGGGE portion, well the dish was huge anyway, but the two of us managed to finish it all. Slurp!

Ham Yui (Salted fish) fried rice , RM$10 - Not too oiley, and tasted home cooked.

I loved this ... Terung (Brinjal / Eggplant) with Minced meat. RM$12. The Map told me it was chicken mince, I think they may not serve pork at this place ... hmm. Nice for a change!

Overall ... a really nice little place, and great value ... especially the fish on promotion! Fresh, tasty and cheap ... what a combo! Here's a write up I found, attached below (I wish I had read it, and understood the concept of the eatery BEFORE I had gone .. haha. I will be back!!).

The Star, 8th June 2007 ...
Restaurant with a culinary school
Chef Catherine finds a niche for unique dishes.
For the past several years, Lau has been running a culinary school on the top floor of a commercial lot at Paramount Garden in Petaling Jaya.
And she opened a restaurant on the ground floor when the opportunity presented itself a few months ago.
“Before embarking on this venture, I went on a little survey around Paramount Garden and discovered the restaurants here served conventional dishes. There was a niche for what we had to offer,” she said.
Chef Catherine’s Kitchen aims to fill the void by serving Asian and Western food based on recipes perfected by Lau over the years and offered in air-conditioned comfort. Lau and her husband Charlie Yong see to the kitchen.
The self-taught Lau who is particular about sauces, dips and marinades makes everything from scratch and ensures the quality is consistent through frequent tasting sessions.
She has trained a few cooks to manage when she has to venture upstairs to conduct cooking classes.
“I was always interested in cooking; it has been a passion of mine since young.
“Malaysia provides the venue for one to taste many different cuisines and I broadened my culinary knowledge when I travelled. I also worked in a family restaurant in Australia for eight years,” Lau said.
Her winning technique at her restaurant is to introduce good food and new additions so repeat customers have variety.
“Our Golden Prawns were bestsellers so for a new twist, we combined Golden Prawns with Garlic Prawns. The Garlic Prawns taste like Lobster Thermidor and diners appreciate the mild garlic tones,” Lau said.
Effort is the key word for Chicken Roulade. Lau uses a whole bird that is de-boned, steamed and served in Chinese rose wine, garnished with kei chee.
There was a niche for what we had to offer ... A different technique is deployed for the Pipa Chicken where the bird is opened up and roasted with a special marinade.“It is common to use duck but chicken is the healthier option. Roasting it just right gives a smoky flavour that diners love,” she said.
She relies on her own blend of spices for the Curry Fish, another popular dish at her restaurant. Others include Beef Brisket and Pork Knuckle.
The wide range of set meals at Chef Catherine’s Kitchen afford diners the opportunity to sample what the restaurant has to offer whether within large or small budgets.
Lau is best known for her speciality cheesecakes.
In 2003, she published Cheesecake Seduction, a book dedicated to cheesecakes and filled with 70 tried-and-tested recipes. The book is in its second print and is available at all major bookstores.
At least three types of cheesecakes are available at her restaurant daily and Lau promises that more will be on display once her chiller arrives. Highly sought-after cheesecakes include the Hot Chocolate Mousse Cake, Red Velvet and Hazelnut Meringue Torte, priced between RM8 and RM10 per slice.
Lau said she spared no expense for her cakes and used quality stuff like digestive biscuits, premium imported chocolates, mascarpone cheese, quality cream and corn or almond flakes. The cakes are fast-selling items and usually gone by the evening. Lau also accepts orders for special occasions.

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