Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Melaka Street, SS2 in PJ

Add: 34, Jalan SS2/66, PJ
Tel: +603 7873 6232
One rainy evening ... decided to try out this restaurant along the front row of the SS2 square in Petaling Jaya (PJ). I was a little nervous about the quality of food as I observed only one occupied table when we arrived ... Hmm.
But that was soon replaced with confidence when the Sweet and Sour Fried Abalone Mushrooms arrived. Excellent!
The next dish was the Sizzling (Teet-Pan) Tofu, which was equally good, with a nice eggy base.
We found the Pandan Leaf Chicken (Is this Melaka fare?) to be a tad dry, and lacking in flavour, but still bearable!
The best dish however ... was the Curry Kapitan Chicken. Tasty, yummy, delicious, you get the picture! My makanpartner-in-crime noted that fresh spices were finely grated and used in the dish, indicating no 'instant mixes' were used, a refreshing change!
Ask for Alan when you are here, his rapport with the customers is great. Found out from him that Melaka St had been in operation for 2 years now ... GIVE IT A GO!

The dessert 'Ice kachang with gula melaka' could have been excellent if not for the powdered santan / instant santan used, the gula melaka was tasty as was the very finely chopped ice. Pity!
Here's the bill ... 69 bucks and 69 cents for all that good food. For all of us who like 4-D and numerology, this is one interesting bill ... check out the highlighted area on the bill!

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