Friday, July 27, 2007

Tokyo Seafood Restaurant, Selayang

Tokyo Sea Food - 7456 Jalan Satu , Taman Selayang Baru , 68100 Selangor.
Huh? Just head towards Selayang Hospital!
Telephone +603 6138 9312
The damage ... 70 ringgit for some of the yummiest tai-chau food on this side of the globe!
What the choices were ... The 2 signature dishes of Tokyo were (1) Fresh tiger-like prawns with sambal-like (but it was actually minced GINSENG!) sauce ... (2) Pork with Yam in Claypot, flavoured with Dried Chillis (Both dishes were EXQUISITE and VERY INTERESTING!) . And, also had Tofu with Minced Pork which was so good as well.


Anonymous said...

The signature prawn dish is called Jiang-Nan Prawns. The prawns are huge and the gravy is sort of mixture of oil and honey. Cant tell what's the crystal bits are made from but seems to be dried shrimps? It is indeed very nice and I have yet to find this dish in s'pore yet.. sigh.. Sort of missing it..

Julian Si said...

Jiang-Nan prawns? Thanks!!
Bits are GINSENG perhaps, or so I have been told.

Its deeeeeelicious!

Wei Li said...

The sprinkled bits are "dong gwai"

Julian Si said...

Ooooh, thanks si-fu Wei Li!

Have you been here?

So off the beaten track ... but damn yummy!