Friday, September 01, 2006

Chicken Rice in Eng Ann, Klang

Pre-lunch ;-) makan (Well, ta-pow / takeaway actually!) of Chicken Rice in Eng Ann, Klang ... I grew up on this Aunty's chicken rice, and it was a real treat at RM$4. What makes a good chicken rice meal?
  • The rice = Oily but not overly so, smooth and fragrant (7/10)
  • The chicken = The thigh was smooth, perfectly steamed, with strong hints of garlic (8/10)
  • The chilli = EXCELLENT! Sharp but complementary (9/10)
Jules Verdict = 24/30
(Well worth a try!)

ps - Aunty still remembers I was 'away' for a 'few' years, she asked "When did you return?"

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