Saturday, March 17, 2012

Beijing - Favourite chinese restaurant in Abu Dhabi

Located: Near Madinat Zayed
Tel: +971 2 621 0708
N 24° 28' 51.6"
E 54° 21' 53.8"

Seafood .... Salt and pepper calamari, and fish slices with tofu :-)

If you prefer chicken ... the sweet and sour chicken here is really excellent, and the sauce-y three-cup chicken is pretty good too. I do prefer my 3-cup chicken in a more-dry style though. Ahh... I do miss the version served at the best Taiwanese restaurant in Malaysia, Fong Lye Hartamas.

Some vegetable dishes to balance off the meal? Kangkung on left, and excellent brinjal with minced chicken on right.

Want some tim sum? Siew mai is OK too.

Prices of dishes here range from 10-20 AED for timsum, 15-25 AED for the vegetable dishes, and 30-40 AED for chicken ... and about 40-60 AED for the fish dishes. Overall, great value, and our favourite chinese restaurant here in Abu Dhabi!

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I Live in a Frying Pan said...

Hi! Just came across your blog - are you a blogger based in Abu Dhabi, or just visiting? The reason I ask is because we have a group of UAE based food bloggers (Fooderati Arabia - and I'd love to welcome you in if you are permanently based here. Do email me at :)

I also just read your post on the Malaysian restaurant - very timely because I'm headed to KL & Penang soon!