Monday, February 27, 2012

Chinese New Year - Muhibbah Nasi Lemak spirit!

Gong Hey Fatt Choy, 2012!

In our household, we practise a few CNY traditions year after year ...
1) Tuan Nien on the night before CNY,
2) Visiting my parents on CNY morning,
3) Having Nasi Lemak with all the family on CNY brunch-time, and ...

Delightful Kak Y sambal ... and perfectly and lightly fried ikan bilis and kacang-putih to go with the Nasi Lemak spread.

Achar from mum's neighbour and Kak Y's signature stir-fried tofu dish.

.... Tradition (4) ... As per the usual Si family custom, we headed over to Grand-aunt (SYP)'s family home, for .... more food :-)

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Ciki said...

you're so lucky! food looks grand!:)