Monday, November 15, 2010

Sebastian Vettel and Red Bull - F1 World Champion in Abu Dhabi

Who would have thought ...
1) Sebastian Vettel becomes the YOUNGEST World Champion ever, at 23 years old!
2) Red Bull wins both the Constructors' and Driver's championship!
3) Vettel was 3rd overall, coming into the last race of the year at Abu Dhabi ... but leapfrogged his team mate Webber, as well as leader Alonso!

Vettel jumps on top of his car, to celebrate!
Know what he said over the team radio as he crossed the finish-line? "Thank you, I love you!"

Finally, the helmet is off, and Vettel is beaming :-)

Flanked by the lovely Etihad gals ;-)

Vettel couldn't hold back his tears as the German anthem played, who could blame him!

Yes, Vettel is the youngest F1 champion ... ever!
Hamilton came in a respectable 2nd, and Button in 3rd.

My dad reminded me after the race via SMS, we have three world champions on the podium in Abu Dhabi ... 2008, 2009, 2010!

Good night from the F1 village of Yas Marina ... zzzz :-)

ps - If you thought my 2,000 AED ticket was expensive, the Al Dhiyafa ticket which affords a view from the main grandstand, with hospitality thrown in, is 3,400 AED! Thanks to JT for the treat :-) What a weekend!


witsandnuts said...

We've managed to watch the finals. It was not that noisy after all, the race was very interesting. During Prince's concert, I saw UAE Nationals wearing Red Bull memorabilia suits over their kandura. :)

Btw, I've added your blog to my reader. Keep on writing!

bayu said...

yay....watching live.....

i just watching the crash on 1-st lap......

Ciki said...

i feel the need.. the need for SPEED:P

Julian Si said...

C&c / Bayu - You guys are such speed-nerds!

WitsandNuts - Love your new photos of Malaysia :-) as well as of Prince! Thanks for adding my blog, will have to update more frequently now!!