Friday, November 12, 2010

Kanye West - Abu Dhabi Yas Marina F1 Concert

Back to the Yas Marina circuit tonight ... This is the Concert Arena, located at the Ferrari World tip of the track.

Tip! Don't bring your SLR, it will be held by security until you leave the concert. Smaller cameras, such as the Canon Powershot G9 I used are fine.

Crowd was driven into a frenzy, some had arrived at 6pm when the doors open ... when did the gig start? 9:20pm! The DJ who entertained pre-Kanye was excellent though.

This is Kanye West!

Kanye in da house ...

Nice stage and lighting!

Always the show-man ...

Kanye brought the house down with Gold Digger (Pity Jamie Foxx didn't show up!) and American Boy (Alas, no Estelle as well!).

Good night, Yas Marina .... See you for Qualifying tomorrow! And Linkin Park too :-)


witsandnuts said...

Hi there. Thanks for dropping by to my blog. You've got nice shots, too. Kanye is really an outstanding performing. Excited about Linkin Park tonight. :)

Julian Si said...

Thanks!! I just got back from Linkin Park ... Thought it was EVEN better then Kanye :-)

They rocked!!

Good night ... and bring on the one and only, the symbol ... Prince :-)

witsandnuts said...

Linkin Park's performance was way much, much better. We were at the front row of the VIP section last night. Will try to share the photos through my blog tomorrow. :)

Prince tonight!

Julian Si said...

Yes! I agree, they rocked!!

If you get a spare pass to the VIP section, let me know and squeeze me in!

Otherwise.. I will be at the back, and have to zoom my Canon G9 to its max :-) to take shots of the "little" Prince!

Can't wait to see your LP photos!! Cheers.