Thursday, September 04, 2008

Song River Restaurant, Gurney, Penang - Prawns and Fish!

Add: Song River Bah Kut Teh @ 65 Persiaran Gurney, Georgetown, Penang
Tel: +6012 488 8275

The locals know best about where to eat :-) Gotta trust them penang lang! Here's my work lunch from yesterday...

Steamed Garoupa with Superior Soya Sauce and garlic bits ... Out of this world!!

MARVELOUS! A signature dish of Song River's ... Prawn noodles.

Kam Heong Lala - Little fellas surprised me, not had such small lalas before, but turned out so sweet!

To die for ... chicken in thick soya sauce.

Tofu with stir-fried brinjals ... so tasty!

Various delicious veges, including bitter gourd with egg which I don't normally enjoy!

Best of all .. the price tag. For only RM$30 per person, from a total of 10 colleagues and clients, we had such wonderful and fresh seafood, cooked in a delicious manner. Can't wait to be back!


Anonymous said...

Hey, this song river place is (used to be?) famous for their prawn mee too! did you try? or is it no more?

Tummythoz said...

Just came over to Hi5 on a similarly great meal! Obviously I missed that Chicken when I was there.

Julian Si said...

Thanks Tummythoz, the food at Song River is truly marvellous! I miss Penang so much ...

Back to the grind in KL!