Thursday, July 10, 2008

Chivas 18 @ Coco Banana, Sunway Pyramid Subang

UPDATE 11th July! A quick breakway from my Bangkok, Thailand posts ... to bring you this little blog update!


Coco Banana (Previously qBar) is located at the entrance of Sunway Pyramid (Next to Red Box) ... this was my first outing there! Loud, but good selection of the latest tunes, and the clientelle looked like they ranged from 18 - 25, hmmm what was I doing there!

This was the delightful whisky chosen for the night ... Chivas Regal 18 years.

Preparing the last drink of the night ... Farewell to a very special colleague!

ps - There were at least 5 shots of Chivas 18 in that glass!


Cynthia said...

Coco Banana is definitely a place NOT TO GO EVER AGAIN in my life. Just went there last Saturday on 13 september 2008 with my boyfriend. the 2 of us, ordered 1 bottle of martell vsop which is cost us RM 330. the service is so lousy. By the time we paid the bottle in front of the doorway, the waiter/greeter girl gave us a table that whether is in the corner that block with column or a dead end that made us can’t see anything. Have to wandering around for couple of minutes, because all table is “booked and sure paid already” but nobody there! So please don’t gave me the crap all booked rule. I’m not new on clubbing scene okay. I know that sometimes or most of the time, table book for somebody that open a bottle, not for customer that just buy glass. But yet…I keep my mouth shut, because I want to enjoy the night. Not pissed off angry. by the time our bottle finished, our drink in the glass havent finish, the waiter wants to kick us out and get our table without reason, without explanation. we didn't do anything, just mind our business, not bother anybody else in the club and what a crazy treatment from a “NICE” club like this, to treat the customer that just paid one bottle like that. Everybody told me that service in Malaysia is lousy, but c’mon…this lousy? It’s ridiculous. We finish the bottle and not drunk. and then they just clear our table without permission, we can't get our left over mixer that still 2 jugs. That really made a scene. The waiter keep the mixer jug like that we didn’t pay for that one. Keep holding it high so I can’ t reach it. Not letting go!!!!!! I was wondering if they want us to think that we’re drunk and don’t know that asshole try to steal our drink that we paid. That asshole doesn’t know when not to screw a tall girl like me, he think I can’t grabbed it, very easy lah, he’s so damn short. so I grabbed the jug and pour it to the floor. As long as the waiter didn’t re-fill the jug and sell it to another customer. I’m really pissed !i saw lotsa table just ordered beer or even softdrink only but yet, the waiter choose to "steal" our table instead of theirs. I rarely swore in my life, but this one really made me keep swearing and swearing ! all security guys came to our table, wants to throw us out from the club. The only thing that I keep thinking is that I don’t want my boyfriend to punch them and then they got reason to make it even, that’s why I drag my bf to go home. But the next day, just thinking about it made me really pissed off. So u still want to go the that place? Go ahead and don’t tell me that I didn’t warn you : P

T-Y said...

Isit really that bad? just about to go there for our night.. and after the story cut off half of ma mood man..

Anonymous said...

can i know the price ? entrance for guys maybe ??

Anonymous said...

errkk....about to go there too....will change the venue I guess!