Monday, March 28, 2011

Al Housh Restaurant - Madaba, Jordan

More shots from our driving holiday through the countryside of Jordan, as we made our way from the Dead Sea to .... Wadi Rum. Here's our lunch stop on the way!

We drove... and drove ... through the countryside of Jordan, until we got to the outskirts of Madaba, and found Al Housh restaurant. We were really hungry by that time! I think it used to be some sort of Tourist Information centre, which was how it was described on the Garmin GPS!

Interesting derelict "swimming pool" next door!

We had the "BBQ Platter", typical Jordanian-Lebanese type food, with grilled meats, including the yummy Shish Tawook. And for starter, we had a typical Humous Salad :-)

Meal was good, but customer service was terribly slow, which we would learn to accept as we went along our trip through Jordan! It wasn't cheap too, I think each plate of "bbq" cost about 10-12 JD or nearly 60 AED.

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