Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The 7 Wonders Restaurant, Petra - Jordan

We drove for miles and miles without seeing any civilisation, but eventually (having departed from Dead Sea and Madaba) arrived at Petra :-)

I liked the first dish which arrived, sort of a meatball stew with lots of tomato-gravy. I had this with bread, as they did not have rice on the night. Yummy!

We had a pizza with all the toppings, I think it was called the 7 Wonders Pizza, and a "devil" pizza with spices. These were really big thick-crusted pizzas.

What was most amazing was the price of this meal, 1 meatball dish and 2 pizzas, with a large bottle of local mineral water, cost 37 JD or 190 AED (Nearly RM$155). Eeeeep! Petra is expensive (Hotels, food and entrance fees too)

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Anonymous said...

Nice food, a little light on the toppings. Yes the 7 wonders Pizza Restaurant is a rip off, they add a massive 16% tax onto your meal! Should have checked the fine print down near the bottom of the menu.