Thursday, February 17, 2011

Tapas - Lemon Tree, Holiday Inn Abu Dhabi

Holiday Inn, Abu Dhabi
Located: 31st Street, between Muroor Road and Airport Road
Tel: +971 2 657 4858

Tapas dinner with L and J one night ...

All you can eat Tapas (and Paella, and Dessert, and Sangria ... yes, Sangria!) at Lemon Tree, in the new Holiday Inn.

Spanish theme night means ...
Unlimited tapas and Spain's favourite fruity beverage at Dhs145 per person
Timings: 7pm-11.30pm (Tuesdays only)

Oooh ... Paella (choice of seafood or vegetarian) too! In fact there was rice pudding at the end of the meal as well, but that wasn't very good, it was rather firm!

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