Friday, February 25, 2011

Jones the Grocer has opened in Khalidiyah!

Yay, the new Jones has finally opened :-) Located at Pearl Plaza apartment, beside Oryx Hotel (Behind the old Khalidiyah Post Office / ADNOC gas station).

We enjoyed ... Apple crumble pie (14 AED), with scoop of delicious Jones ice-cream (6 AED). Also, the Cheesecake (15 AED) was really good.

The Cappucino here never fails to impress (or should I say comfort!) (The standard size is 16 AED), I had the "large" which means an extra 5 AED. bbG had the surprisingly good Homemade Lemonade (16 AED).


Anonymous said...

I enjoy reading your posts on life in a part of the world I will probably never visit. Just have to point out "never fails to disappoint" is probably the opposite of what you want to say! Sorry, can't help myself.

Julian Si said...

Oooh ... well pointed out :-) Thanks!

LoLy said...

i just love that place :)

Julian Si said...

Coffee here rocks, but don't you think the service is getting worse :-( each time!!