Monday, January 03, 2011

Roger Federer in Abu Dhabi

The 2nd set of the Federer v Soderling match continues at Zayed Sports City, Abu Dhabi :-)

Federer picked up his game immediately, with more precise serves and groundstrokes!

The Swiss contingent, and a lone Rafa fan waiting for the 2nd match to begin!

Federer waiting to return serve ... and pounding another serve at Soderling!

All these shots were captured with my new Nikkor 70-300mm zoom, thank goodness for VRII capability as I was shooting free-hand from the gods!


What a treat to have been there :-)

More action shots of Fedex!

The greatest of all time? I still think that honour lies with "Pistol" Pete Sampras :-) But besides the American, I reckon Fedex could very much be the 2nd greatest!

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jordan222 said...

Very nice shots! loved them!