Saturday, September 04, 2010

Monster iCable - Connecting an iPod to my Rotel RA-1520 amp

Dealer: Plug-ins
Location: Marina Mall, Abu Dhabi (Opposite the entrance to IKEA)

I was wondering how I should connect my iPod to my new amp ... Hmmm.

Features -
  • Stylish, high-quality stereo analog interconnect (3.5mm minijack to left/right RCA connectors)
  • Straight-cut turbine RCA and split-tip pin for superior contact pressure
  • 24k gold contacts for high signal integrity; twisted-pair XLN technology offers superior noise rejection
  • Includes handy carry pouch; 7-foot cable length
  • Universal accessory for all digital audio players compatible with 3.5mm mini-jack

Now all I have to do ... is press play :-)
For the price you pay for this cable, as well as the convenience of not having to purchase a separate D/A converter, its not a bad solution really. My iPod never sounded so good ... to think, my Rotel Amp and B&W 683s was initially born from wanting a B&W Zeppelin. Ha!


June said...

me envy jealousy :p

Julian Si said...

Terima kasih :-)

ps - I need to get some Alleycat MP3s to play back ...

anw said...

OMG...nice system, envy