Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Cho Gao, Crowne Plaza - Asian fusion at Abu Dhabi

Would you believe ... this venue is in ... Abu Dhabi :-)

Hotel: Crowne Plaza Abu Dhabi

Tel: +971 2 616 6149

Opening hours: 12-4pm , 7-11pm

Located along: Hamdan Street

The Asian / chinese-y style theme continues when you walk to your desk, and when you are presented with the menu.

I did think that the items on the menu looked rather interesting, but I was starting to worry ... would this place be style over substance?

Whilst we were waiting for our food ... I had a draught Tiger beer. Magnifique! Good value at 24 AED, or about RM 20 too :-)

Kwai-loh style food ... This was supposed to be Pad Thai. The noodles were decent, but it was hardly pad thai except for the small sprinkling of crushed peanuts!

The overcooked ... My kicap-manis (Sweet soya sauce) steak, which was definitely not done "medium". More like well done :-( And the Ahi-Tuna. Overly firm :-( and again over-cooked too!

The decent ... Thai style young-mango salad, with tempura crab :-)

The poor! Uh ... the over cooked theme continued with the prawns, which I found to be rather poor!

Met new friends this evening, JT and J ... Cheers guys. And no, J, you can't eat a steak with your chopsticks however hard you try!

The damage? Using two Entertainer vouchers, we paid about 90 AED per head for the food and drinks. Reasonable by Abu Dhabi hotel standards, but I will only ever return for drinks (Tiger!) in the future ...

The conclusion ... Yes, style over substance :-(

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minchow said...

Oh dear, that is quite quite distressing! The Pad Thai looks... mortifying!!