Monday, September 27, 2010

Jones the Grocer at Abu Dhabi has been refurbished!

Another good meal at Jones the Grocer (Near Al Nahyan Camp / Asteco Properties), late one evening with some friends who had just moved to Abu Dhabi and two makan buddies. Was surprised to see the extension / refurbishment completed at Jones, there is now a bigger sandwich bar and more seating :-)

Hot Chocolate, and not Cappucino (the best in Abu Dhabi!) for a change ... it was late, and I wanted to make sure I could sleep! Really rich and yummy ... 20 AED.

MD had the grilled salmon, served with a fancy Baba Ghanoush dip ;-) The salmon was perfectly cooked!

Ahh ... bliss, my Wagyu burger with Olive oil fries. Nice!

Fancy artistic flair to the ketchup too ;-) New chef?

ps - They even serve fancy Venezuelan choccies here!


Angeline@安琪琳 said...

How does the Wagyu burger taste like? Looks yummy for me! Ding Dong - lunch time!

Julian Si said...

RM46 , perfectly cooked , great bun and fantastic fries ... what a combo :-)

Thanks for the comment, that was quick!