Sunday, March 14, 2010

Hankook is not a tyre, its a Korean restaurant in Abu Dhabi!

Heh heh ... nice name eh :-)

Hankook Korean Restaurant
Tel: +971 2 6423399
Area: Al Nahyan, Abu Dhabi
Near: Defense Road, near the row of Mobile Phone shops
Opening hours: 11:30am - 11pm
GPS: 24°28'39.1"N 54°22'35.9"E
(Updated! Thanks to an anonymous reader for leaving these coordinates to Hankook)

Korean starters :-) Pity I wasn't a kimchi fan, wifey loved it though!

I love the way the spoon is covered :-)

Truly wonderful, the Bulgogi or grilled marinated beef. Worth every bit of the 50 AED it cost! And unlimited rice too ... Korean rice served here is sticky and simply ... perfect!

Yes ... this is cheeyuk. Slurps!

Lastly ... I have to add it was rather good value, attentive service, all the below food for only about 115 AED or under RM$110.


CUMI & CIKI said...

what a feast! how much did u guys eat. Wow, i think u managed to sniff out ALL the pork joint there huh? tell me does the pork smell or is it better than KL's? (i mean generally)

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

not very halal of a country after reading all ur finds!

Julian Si said...

Hahaaa.... we are feeding three now you know ;-)

Yup, just looking for all the UNDERGROUND porky places in AD :-)

ps - KL still rocks lar!!

kat said...

Apparently you can tambah the banchans too. What you ordered would feed the 4 of us. :)

Ciki: I personally find the pork nicer ler. But only one way for you to find out. When ya coming? ;)

kat said...

BTW, was wondering if you should re-label the chi yoke. There are strict regulations abt serving chi yoke and we wouldn't want the rest to be tutup-ed down.. ;)

dufffader said...

someone should ban those korean metal chopsticks. They might be hygenic, but it is horribly difficult to pick up anything with it.

Oh wait, I hope I'm not banished to the land of Kimchis for saying this!!!