Saturday, March 20, 2010

Best Malaysian eatery in Abu Dhabi - This is Reem!

My fave eatery in Abu Dhabi? It's Reem Island!

We love the noodles here ... Hokkien Mee, or how about the excellent Yin Yang (Wat Tan Hor)?

Or you can have dishes too ... the Teet Pan (Sizzling) chicken is delicious ;-)

Or for something really quick, and really REALLY delicious ... Tip Tau Fan aka Dish with Rice, for only 18 AED (2 AED for extra egg) ... Sambal chicken with rice.

And the excellent Sweet and Sour Chicken with Rice!


Hazza said...

u get all this in UAE? Wow!

Babe said...

looks very good. but dont knw why my lougong said OK only. probably he is in Reem and eat too much good food already!

i should go for lunch one day :)