Monday, September 07, 2009

Parking is a nightmare in Abu Dhabi!

Watched this ever-repeating parking and traffic saga unfold in Abu Dhabi one morning...
The white Toyota Landcruiser was blocking the way of the van, and an hour later the Landcruiser was towed away (Or so I thought!). Funny thing is ... Both the Landcruiser and van were parked illegally on the pavement!
What I realised later ... the Landcruiser was simply moved backwards, to allow the van to leave, and it was then left on the side of the street. Perhaps because it was owned by the resident in the villa it was parked against i.e. the pink building!
And by evening time, the Toyota Landcruiser was back!

Excerpt from
... The main emphasis of the strategy, however, is the application of a paid parking system to Abu Dhabi’s major streets including Hamdan and Electra streets by the beginning of next October.
The fees, applicable from 8 AM to 9 PM, will be AED 3 per hour on the main streets and AED 2 per hour for other locations. Full day parking will cost AED 15.
Private parking permits will also be available in the vicinity of residences at the cost of AED 800 per annum for the first car, and AED 1200 for the second car.
Parking spaces will be free for people with special needs.
Public holidays will also be excluded from the parking fee.
Building owners will be asked to allocate parking spaces to the tenants and the parking fee will be applied only when these facilities are made available.

Paid parking will be applied to 2,500 spaces in the first phase and will cover 75,000 in two years.
By installing parking meters that set time limits for using public parking spaces, authorities seek to prevent misuse of limited street level parking spaces.


hApPy HaPpY said...

AD has never anticipate such a huge number of cars in the city in their earlier planning. no basement car parks, surface car parking itself is insufficient. That is why they are tearing down buildings to rebuild & redevelop for a better city.....I guess you normally see such problem when you wake up in the morning seeing haphardous parking everywhere.....

CUMI & CIKI said...

ROFL.. ridiculous! how can u live there w/o getting mad on the road?

Julian Si said...

Happy Happy ... Exactly! Quite the sight every morning, which even after 2 1/2 months, I am still only getting used to!

C and C :-) Just tahan lar...