Sunday, September 23, 2007

Pork noodles etc at Kum Chuan, Subang ... Yummy!

Once again, breakfast at ... Kum Chuan coffeeshop, Subang ... On the road leading out of Subang to Summit / Kesas highway.
Dammmmmn good pork noodles, that deserves a place in my HALL OF FAME! It was so good we ordered it TWICE ... Once with kon loh loh-see-fun, and the second time with kon loh hor-fun. The pork soup which accompanied was divine ... full of flavour. Each kon-loh noodles and pork soup combo cost RM$3.50 each.

The other stuff wasn't as good (Pity the ROJAK was closed , it's delightful!) ... The Kon Loh Mee was a little dry though the sauce was done well, and the Chicken Rice was average (Pity the char-siew was dry).

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