Tuesday, December 06, 2011

New home of Bak Kut Teh - Berkeley Gardens, Klang

This is Berkeley Gardens in Klang :-) Its located at the "end" of the Federal Highway, at the "entrance" to Klang town. It happens to be where me and my brothers grew up, and I have very fond memories of this place.

BKT: Ah Her and Samy
Add: 17, Ground Floor, Jalan Angsa, Taman Berkeley, 41150 Klang
Tel: +6012-3701217 (Ah Her), or +6016 690 6515 (Ah Long)
Review: SmallKuching.com

Recommended by KYS (Fellow ex-Berkeleyite!), this was to be the 2nd BKT I had for the day (The 1st being Mo Sang Kor below!). Yes, decided to give my porky-needs a little treat, on what was to be the last day of my holiday back home ... Perhaps I went at the "end of the pot", but I didn't find it to be too spectacular. However, I do trust the tastebuds of KYS, and will make a return visit there one day!

As I was driving through my old neck of the woods, I spotted this interesting restaurant serving FRIED PORRIDGE, which I know Bangsar Babe recently blogged about! If you must know, its located at Lorong Lang, Berkeley.

OK back to BKT ... On a previous occasion, I had enjoyed the BKT here very much. This is the shop lot at the end of the row, and its known simply as Pao Xiang. There's a really good write-up here, by Precious Pea, which even lists all the outets (Yes, it has reached the lofty heights of having an outlet at Pavilion KL and even One Utama!).

BKT: Mo Sang Kor, Berkeley Gardens
Add: 41, Lebuh Bangau, Taman Berkeley, Klang.
Tel: +6019 272 7728
Review: Motormouth from Ipoh

Funny how there are now multiple BKT joints along the road which I had previously known to have some 4D shops, a little temple and a newsagent where I bought my Panini football stickers!

A really delicious breakfast on my last day in Malaysia ...

Many have asked me, which is the best BKT in Klang. My answer used to be one of these places (depending on which day of the week you asked me!) ...

Telok Pulai Pottery BKT - Taman Rashna, near Menara Trend/ING
Sam Mei - Pandamaran, Klang of course
Seng Huat - Under the bridge, Klang town
Xheng Lee - Opposite the old (burnt down!) Great Wall, Klang town
Tasusia Port Klang BKT - Port Klang town, this place serves many other dishes which sometimes even outshine their BKT!

However, all I say now is, each and every Klang boy has their personal favourite, so it really depends :-)


J2Kfm said...

Good collection from the Klang boy himself. Will do the Port Klang one when possible.

Anonymous said...

I am Port Klang gal!
Love your Ba Kut Teh selection.
Thumbs up! I really agree with the selection.

Am going to Abu Dhabi soon, your blog really helps me to cari makan over there.