Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Porkfest on hold ... Time for some divine Chicken Rice in Klang!

Time: 10am, Saturday

Time for a short break from pork ... Klang's finest, and possibly one of Malaysia's finest, CHICKEN RICE. Deeeeeeeeeeeeeelicious, chicken that is so perfectly marinated and steamed, with a texture to die for, and a divine chilli sauce dip! This is ... Tan Kia Lock's "Top1" CHICKEN RICE.

Add: Jalan Gelugor / Jalan Meru, Klang city centre (You will have to brave the jams till end-09!)
Located: Oppsite Maybank and Chi Liung Plaza (Now, CIMB and LHDN)
Tel: Tan Kia Lok - +6016 284 6962

The dips ... Best chicken rice chilli I have ever had, AND ... the Ginger is perfect, not surprising when it is a blend of the expensive stuff from Bentong, mixed with some less powerful stuff, to get the perfect balance!

Special soya sauce dip too...

Generous portion of cucumbers alongside, and a really delicious chicken soup.

Chicken ... perfecto!

We were in for a treat ... the really pleasant chef made us a couple of Chicken Rice Balls as a special favour. Fantastic! Note that this isn't on the regular menu, just hope that Tan Kia Lok is feeling generous :-)


Ciki said...

dat special soya sauce dips looks damn sinful but tasty man..

babygirl said...

my fav chicken rice shop for now....gonna go eat it with Jo tomorrow :))

Julian Si said...

C&C - So yummy!

BBg :-) Wah... I want!!!