Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Old Chang Kee - Sardine curry puffs, New Wing One Utama

Add: LG210, LG, 1 Lebuh Bandar Utama, Bandar Utama City Centre, Bandar Utama, PJ
Tel: +603 7725 9424
Other outlets: Bukit Bintang Plaza, KL
Would you believe this was my first OCK curry puff!?
Interesting "folds" at the end of the curry-puff, I liked the pastry as well as the filling. Pretty good! Needs a shoot-out v Ikea's I think ;-) I had one sardine and one vege curry-puff, both were good!

History! OldChangKee.com
The history of Old Chang Kee go as far back as 1956 when it started with just a small stall in a coffee shop outside the former Rex cinema along McKenzie Road. People just loved the delicious pastry stuffed full of curried potatoes, chicken, a slice of egg, fried with several herbs and spices. Each curry puff was carefully handmade and properly sealed to lock in the unmistakable aroma that won the hearts of many Singaporeans.
In 1986, Han Keen Juan made a pivotal decision that was to change his life as well as the food scene in Singapore. He traded a comfortable job with an established MNC for the hot and greasy kitchen of Old Chang Kee. With whatever savings he had, he bought over the control of the company. Facing an uncertain future ahead of him, he had only one goal in mind - to transform Old Chang Kee into a successful business entity.
Our New Leader
After bringing Old Chang Kee to its height, Han soon realized that it was time to groom a new leader. He needed a strong visionary leader to bring the company to the next level and so in 1995, he brought in William Lim Tao-E, a young graduate of an Australian university. He brought with him fresh ideas and applying innovative marketing strategies to keep in sync with shifting consumer trends.
As Managing Director, William Lim together with Chairman, Han Keen Juan embarked on the next stage of the journey, which is to establish Old Chang Kee as a major recognizable brand in modern Singapore while preserving its valuable heritage.
We Are Halal
In 2004, Old Chang Kee set on to fulfill one of its brand values which are to develop products that would appeal to the multi-cultural and multi-religious segment of society. We draw our inspiration of the various spicy finger foods from different ethnic cultures. Recently we achieved "Halal" certification to reach out to the Muslim community.


J2Kfm said...

wow. you're really blogging like mad! hahah ... so many posts per day. i'm dizzy ...

i have yet to try OCK curry puff here. but i think i might have tried them in Spore.

minchow said...

This is prob the best news I've heard all week! I had an OCK puff in Singapore years ago and my life was forever changed! I'm so glad they finally came to their senses and decided to open up in KL!

Julian Si said...

Thanks both of you ;-)

HAHA... best news!? WOW, must have been a tough week! There are at least two OCKs around, enjoy.