Sunday, February 22, 2009

Yik Mun - Legendary Pau in Tanjung Malim, 1926

Yik Mun is a halal family restaurant, located along the old trunk road which we used to take pre mid-90s, whilst travelling from KL - Ipoh - Penang. I remember dad stopping over at TM many times to get a curry pau :-)

Yik Mun was established in 1926, not long after the first tar road was built in Tanjung Malim, namely Jalan Besar (1920).

This Keluarga Si Mamat cartoon by Lat, published in Berita Minggu, caught my attention, it is dated 10th October 1993, roughly the same time the PLUS (North South) Highway was completed.

For some good food (They have diversified into a full menu - Check out the below, pinched from, nostalgia, and a deserved rest whilst travelling north or southbound, it is a much recommended 10 minute detour off the Highway :-)

Here's another cute Lat memory from 20th May 1979, taken from as well.
Cartoon illustrates Young Lat or Epit (In his birthday-suit glory, so cute!) pulling his 4 little friends along in a "Coconut leaf" ride.
One of his friend shouts out, "Epit! Boleh singgah Tanjung Malim kejap? Kita orang nak beli Kueh Pau!"
Epit then mumbles, "Ini yang buat aku fed up ni..."
Such innocent old days :-)


kiawin said...

Hi Jules,

You're certainly right about Yik Mun :)

Anonymous said...

YES!!!!! sooo right uncle Julian!!