Sunday, August 26, 2007

Siow Tiow Fish & Noodles ... Klang

Where? Located near to Courts Mammoth in the heart of Klang Town, near Jalan Nanas ... and a couple of doors down from the large Lian Bee bakery.

What? Don't even ask the waiter for 'meats', this place strictly does FISH (steamed variety, fish maw, etc), other seafoods, and NOODLES.

How was it? The steamed pomfret was indeed very good, especially with the fried minced garlic garnishing. The Oyster Omellete 'Hoh Chien' was good as well. However, the Hokkien-style noodles (both the kuayteow - if this was Ipoh, they would have been shot! ... as was the meehoon) were dissapointing. Rather dry, blend, and not properly cooked.

Overall? Very expensive at $88 bucks. And be prepared to wait ... it took 35 minutes before the first dish arrived!

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Unknown said...

Dine here on the 23rd Dec 2010. This place sucks BIG time!! Fish maw for 2 person cost a whopping RM 75!! On top of that, everyone shows attitude, even the bloody maid!! I won't even dine here ever again even if it's for FREE!!! Really #@$@!%%!!!