Thursday, August 01, 2013

Sura Korean restaurant - Cristal Salam Tourist Club Area, Abu Dhabi

Add: Mezzanine, Cristal Salam Hotel, Tourist Club Area - Abu Dhabi.
Tel: +971 2 659 7715

Sura means "Korean royal court cuisine", which had us salivating ... But we were going to be quite dissapointed! The food was mediocre at best ... No "ooomph", or "kick" as described by my dining companions, DL and OK, and what I found strange was - The food was not served piping hot!

OK, DL, LY and myself had many Soju + Beer combos in Seoul ... so we gave it a go here too ;-) Never quite the same!

Beef bone soup ... Very mediocre :-( Again, it wasn't steaming hot!

Our seafood and chicken platters ... Reasonably tasty, but lacked the "ooomph"!

Beef steak galbi ... Tough :-( We miss the tender beef cuts in Seoul!

Time to say goodbye to Sura ....


Ciki said...

yumz! I want some!! :D

witsandnuts said...

You should try Manna Land Restaurant in 15th Street, near Al Mamoura Bldg in Muroor.

Ciki said...

what..? u ate so little? I thought you could put away much more LOL

Julian Si said...

Ciki - Naughty naughty!

WitsandNuts - Yup, been there. Quite pricey, but Manna Land is probably better then the one at Abu Dhabi City Golf Club driving range (Hankang) ...

But I think our favourite is still good ol' Hankook near the Mobile Phone shops!! Kim Chi Jiggae there rocks ;-)