Thursday, August 01, 2013

Silk & Spice - Unique Thai restaurant, Sofitel Abu Dhabi

Add: Sofitel Hotel, Corniche Road - Abu Dhabi.
Tel: +971 2 813 7777

A really nice looking Thai restaurant that's open through Ramadan, serves some good beers and the desserts are nice too. Must try the main courses next time!! We tried the Khao Neow Ma Muang (Mango with Stick Rice, the Silk&Spice variant is served in a candle-lit balti dish!), as well as the evergreen Tab Tim Krob (Water chestnut dumpling with Jack Fruit in Coconut milk). Both were good!

Tiger by the bottle .. Cheers!

Private dining area, Japanese-esque with your feet in a "hole in the floor"!

Fancy interior ... Not the most Thai-esque, but hey... looks good!

We had 2 desserts ;-) They were both good!

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