Saturday, December 08, 2012

Nespresso limited edition - Crealto

We like our Nespresso Latissima machine, and always get excited when Nestle decides to launch a new "blend" ... Here's our experience with Crealto.
Purchased from: Abu Dhabi Mall
Located: Level 1 - Near the escalator.
Our verdict .. We like it! Strong, with an intensity of 8 (of 10), with a distinct long-lasting cocoa-afternot. It is recommended to work better as an expresso - We take it as a Cappucino, and its just as good :-)
Nespresso describes the creation of this limited (Autumn 2012) blend ...
MAURO COLAGRECO - Michelin‐starred Chef
“My encounter with Nespresso allowed me to experience the various parallels between the world of gastronomy and coffee, such as the importance of the quality of ingredients, the techniques, the passion and precision you apply and the creative routes you explore in the search of new tasting experiences. It was fascinating to discover how the long and slow roasting technique that I use in my cooking could be applied to the creation of Crealto”.

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