Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year - Set meals at Reem Island Cafe

Hans Restaurant -
Add: Ground floor, Tamouh Project office, Block B - Al Reem Island
Tel: +971 2 650 1996
Tel: +971 56 698 5498

We had our New Year's eve dinner at Reem Island tonight - And it was good, both in taste, as well as the portion-sizes and the price :-) We paid 108 AED for our meal of 5 dishes and 12 AED for the largest pot of Pui-Er tea ... A perfect end to 2012.


Special offer - This menu is available until the end of January 2013 ...
Choose from a set meal for 3 persons, at 68 AED (3 dishes), or
5 person set meal of 5 dishes (See below) at 108 AED (RM$ 90 - Cheap cheap!).

Fish item - We had the Fish fillet with Ginger and onion, or you can have 4 other items from the menu.

Poultry item - We had the delicious and juicy Belacan chicken, and there are 4 other choices to choose from as well.

Vegetable - We had Hans' famous Kangkung Belacan, or you could have bean sprouts / cauliflower / lettuce / pak choy as well (In each of the 5 groups, you can select from 5 items on the menu).

Bean curd and Egg - We really enjoyed the bean curd with seafood and meat, but you could also have other bean curd dishes or omelettes too!

Finally ... Prawn - We had the sauteed shrimps with cashew nuts, but there are 4 other choices as well ;-)

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