Monday, July 09, 2012

Waitrose opens in Abu Dhabi - Reem Island

Good news ... Waitrose is now opened in Abu Dhabi!
Its located at Sun and Sky Tower, in the still-developing Reem Island.

Torino tomatoes from France, I presume these are air-flown ... check out the prices, nearly RM$55 per kg! You can get Malaysian tomatoes alongside too - Only RM$4 per kg :-)

More shots from our first visit to Waitrose, which opened on 5th July 2012 ...

And ... my favourite "button" in Abu Dhabi!

The posh entrance to the ... Pork Shop!


Anonymous said...

Hugely dissapointed! Whatashocker! Rediculous prices, short dated produce and poor choice. No wonder it was empty when I went.

June said...

hahaha.... wow so canggih to enter the pork section like it's another world :D

CUMI & CIKI said...

Hewwo! Our website is now no longer cumidanciki but . Please kindly update your blogroll, thanks soooo much! :D xox,mei