Monday, July 30, 2012

Inner Mongolia Xiao Wei Yang - Hotpot at Phoenix Hotel, Abu Dhabi

Tel: +971 50 151 7228 , +971 50 179 5598
Located: Near Al Wahda Mall, next to Phoenix Plaza Hotel Apartments (Can't miss the big red lanterns!)
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There's quite an extensive menu - but we always choose the thinly sliced beef (There are different cuts and grades - and prices! to choose from), sometimes we also have the thinly sliced lamb, the tofu and mushrooms are excellent ... and there is a whole range of different vegetables - including Cankong (Translates to spinach or kangkung right?) as you can see!

We always choose the spicy chicken and yin-yang soup hotpot, which is about 78 AED or RM$65. What you get - A yin yang steamboat, with ginseng and herbal white soup on one side, and a very generous serving (4 persons can enjoy!) of well seasoned spicy chicken-in-bone on the other side.

When you have had enough chicken, they put the chicken aside in a dish for you (Or you can simply take-it-away), and the remaining gravy is mixed with more clear soup, and a large dollop of mongolian chilli-paste! Voila - You now have herbal ginseng soup on one side, and spicy chilli-soup on the other side to dip your meats, to-fu and veges in. Yummy!! A meal for the 3 of us cost about 180 AED including a couple of cans of Wong Lo Kat (Herbal drink), or RM$150.


June said...

cankung, lol . in malay means squatting .

witsandnuts said...

In Tagalog/ Filipino, it also means kangkung (a vegetable).