Sunday, May 13, 2012

Popeyes fried chicken - Good food, bad service

Branch: ADNOC Petrol station, Khalidiyah
Store code: 10550
Date of the bad experience: 21st April 2012

What we had ...
3 piece chicken combo (Includes a medium Coke, Coleslaw and "Biscuit"), 20 AED.
2 piece snack box, 11 AED.
Sigh ... isn't it frustrating when the food is good (Crispy fried chicken, very tasty!), but the service is bad. Make that very bad! Here is what happened -
1) I was standing in-line, when a man basically stepped right in front of me - I told the cashier who said "I didn't see. I am normally the delivery man, just standing in for the cashier today". Poor response!
2) After waiting what felt like 20-25 minutes for my chicken (There was only 4 persons waiting in-line, and probably 6 tables filled with patrons at the outlet), the server gave me my chicken - with no drink. I asked him where it was, and the answer was ... "You did not order the meal!" Good grief, just check the receipt, mate! I reminded him otherwise, and without even apologising ... he gave me my meal WITH a drink.


The receipt - Do note who served me, shudder!

The service basically ruined the meal, even though we normally enjoy the fried chicken!

Yummy fried chicken!

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