Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Deliciously Chocolate - Scents & Sensibility

Desserts have never smelt better with the introduction of Deliciously Chocolate’s fragranced range called, ‘SCENTS AND SENSIBILITY’ complimenting desserts with a range of aromatic notes.

Add: Deliciously Chocolate Boutique on Level 1, Menara IMC, 8 Jalan Sultan Ismail, 50250 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +60 18 287 8828
Located: A five-minute walk from Bukit Nanas Monorail station and Concorde Hotel. Located in between Concorde Hotel and Menara Prudential.
Map: Google Earth
Opening hours: Mon - Fri (10:00am - 6:00pm), Sat (For pick up only, 10:00am - 1:00pm).

From the fruity to the floral, from the spicy to the herbal, desserts are hand finished to perfection and simply bursting with scent and flavour. Taking inspiration from the wonderful world of perfumery, Deliciously Chocolate introduces a range of scented cakes, tortinos, patisserie, thinly sliced biscuits and macaroons.
The face and talent behind Deliciously Chocolate is dessert artisan, Ms Anizah Baharuddin, creating desserts marked by her own imagination.

“We have amazing cakes in our Signature Menu but for our new range, Scents and Sensibility, we wanted to push the envelope with our perfumery range based on the idea of pairing chocolate with aromatic accents. We experimented with floral, fruity and citrus notes and paired them with chocolate goodies and the ones we put into the menu are those which got us excited on the first bite,” Anizah said.

The new selection of desserts include aromatic cakes such as ‘Lavender Blue’, a scented layer of lavender white chocolate ganache cheesecake with blueberries on a bed of crumbly orange shortbread; and ‘Mary Rose’, a dark chocolate torte with layers of rosemary infused chocolate mousse and fragrant mango French buttercream.

“Everybody likes to indulge in a treat, which is essentially what we are about. All our exquisite desserts are a taste sensation using traditional recipes and authentic methods,” says Anizah.

On what inspires her latest range of desserts, she says, “I am inspired by anything and everything around me! This can be an idea for a flavour or a shape or an eating experience, but it is always grounded on the desire to create something delicious and different, unique to Deliciously Chocolate.

Other features to Scents & Sensibility include ‘Dark Spice’ patisserie, a sublime dark chocolate tart with an aromatic layer of fragrant caramelized banana in maple syrup, spiced with cinnamon, cloves, ginger, black pepper and paprika catering to dark chocolate lovers.

For those with a weakness for cupcakes, customers should try the ‘Bella Rosa’ white chocolate cake with rose scented strawberry filling topped with lychee buttercream; ‘Choco Cayenne’ chocolate with chili laced ganache.
Other features to the new menu include ‘Chocolate Ginger’ and ‘Chocolate and Orange Marble Loaf with Orange Blossom’ loaves; ‘Seasalt, Lemon Thyme’ and ‘Dark Chocolate’ cookies; and a range of Jasmine Green Tea, Peach and Vanilla and Violet, Rose & Blackberry macaroons.

All of Anizah’s artisanal creations are freshly made-to-order and are delivered to customers seamlessly using the modern conveniences of technology, thriving on their motto of being convenient but never compromising on quality.
“We are a very passionate team here at Deliciously Chocolate. Right from the sourcing and quality of our ingredients, to individually hand-making cakes and patisserie using traditional methods, to the delivery to our customers - perfection is the aim of the game!” quips Anizah.
With this passion comes quality, which is evident throughout their products. Every chocolate curl, glazed topping and garnishing is added as a finishing touch to their desserts with expert precision.

Desserts from Deliciously Chocolate are prepared on a daily basis and Anizah’s years of working with cakes and desserts account for the exquisite French-styled desserts including their ever-popular 'Tuxedo Salt', ‘Oblivion’ and sweet miniatures including Tortinos, Whoopies and Macaroons from the Signature Menu.

Deliciously Chocolate has expertly combined beauty and classic good taste in what they do, together with an intriguing sense of scent, taste and adventure.

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