Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Haret Jdoudna - Great dining experience in Madaba, Jordan

Yes ... we made it to our last stop on our adventure in Jordan. This is Madaba :-) By that night, we had driven 800km in our little rental car, in fact by the time we returned it near Queen Alia Airport on the following day, we would have clocked nearly 850km over four days!

Funny ... how we had our best meal in Jordan on our LAST NIGHT in the country :-)

Add: Talal Street, Madaba, Jordan

Tel: +962 324 8650

Very pretty courtyard restaurant, and the service levels were good too. Child friendly as well!

Halloumi cheese (Fried, yum!) ... Stuffed mushrooms ... Chicken and potatoes ... And, spicy meatballs. Great meal!

Wonderful bread .. we had two basket-fulls! Great value meal as well, considering that Jordan is generally very expensive, we paid about 37 JD or 190 AED (RM$150) for a hearty meal for 3 of us.

Good night ...

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