Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Al Jazeera News - Ching Ming and iPads

It was Qing Ming or Ching Ming recently, also known as Chinese All Soul's Day. Watched with great glee this article on Al Jazeera News. Seems it was filmed in Melaka :-)

The Star, Malaysia -
GEORGE TOWN: In a store here, there is an iPad going for only RM9.80, a 13.3-inch dual-core processor laptop for under RM12 and an iPhone 4 for a mere RM2. There is one catch, though – while anyone can buy it, only the dead can use it.
“Customers want their dearly departed to be able to keep up with the latest in information technology (IT), besides the usual ‘luxury’ offerings of bungalows with maids and security guards, watches, designer bags and gold ingots. The ‘iPad’ even comes with a USB cable for charging and syncing,” she said.
Even the specifications are literally out of this world. While the current largest storage size for iPads in our world is 64GB, the “other world” users are already using iPads with an auspiciously whopping 888GB!

How about a BMW 5-series or X5 (Can't quite tell!) ... or a MacBook Pro ... DeadBook Pro? :-)

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