Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Arndale Centre - Refreshed in Manchester, UK!

When I was a student :-) this was the MOST popular mall in Manchester! Glad to see it has moved on and kept up with the times, when I visited recently .. this is the Manchester Arndale. "The centre of the city"!

In Autumn 2003, as the final stage of rebuilding the city centre after the bombing, the whole of the half of the centre north of Cannon Street was closed and demolished. Over the next two to three years, the northern half of the centre was completely rebuilt and extended. The first phase of the "northern extension", known as 'Exchange Court', opened on 20 October 2005. Exchange Court features Britain's flagship and the world's largest Next store.

This was followed by the second phase known as 'New Cannon Street'. This opened on 6 April 2006. Stores in this phase include a new flagship branch of TopShop and Topman.

On 7 September 2006 the third and final phase of the northern extension opened. The new Winter Garden features stores such as a new HMV (formerly Zavvi & Virgin Megastores), a Waterstone's bookshop, and a new single-level unit for the Arndale Market. The completed mall provides a link from Exchange Square and The Triangle to the Northern Quarter, and from Market Street to The Printworks.

Glad to see elements of the old Arndale are still present :-)

ps. Looks like Manchester has grown up!

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