Friday, November 12, 2010

Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 2010 - Etihad Airways F1, Free Practise

Yay! My first outing to the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix :-) I missed last year's, but got an invite this year!

My seat was at the Support Pit Grandstand, nice view with Yas Hotel and the marina right in front of me!

Today's Friday (Free Practise) ... these are shots from 1pm today :-)
Red Bull magic ...

The sound was deafening :-) Have F1 cars become EVEN louder!?

Some nice action even on the free practise!

Some like Alonso :-) Scuderia Ferrari fans!

What a day out :-)


witsandnuts said...

We spent few minutes in North Grandstand yesterday. We hardly managed the engine's roaring, we immediately left and headed to the concert venue. Only then I realized we didn't take any photos. Hahaha. You've got some pretty good shots there!

Julian Si said...

Thanks. I don't have my longer lenses to hand :-( so these were simply taken with a 17-50mm.

In fact for the big race tomorrow, I may just bring my Canon G9 along. Don't wanna risk getting my camera confiscated before the Prince gig :-)

Go Red Bull, Go Prince! Nitezz...