Friday, June 04, 2010

Reem Island Cafe - Favourite Malaysian food in Abu Dhabi, with GPS location!

Yes, Reem Island is still under construction ... But boy are all Malaysians in Abu Dhabi happy that they (along with Zelan at Port Zayed / Meena Cafe) brought along their catering crew ;-)

I struggled for a year, giving directions to this location, all I could tell people was follow signs for: Reem Island, Al Reem, Three-sixty, and Tamouh ... but now, thanks to an anonymous Dubai reader, we have the actual GPS coordinates :-)

GPS: 24°29'30.6"N 54°24'6.7"E

OK ... back to the food! I always start off my meal here with a hot yee-mai aka Barley.

One of my favourite dishes here, Sizzling Beef.

The sizzling tofu is good too ;-) Yes, I love sizzling dishes, reminds me of childhood days and meals in PJ with my family.

Assam prawns ... but tastes more like Soya sauce prawns. Nevertheless, good!

They do stir-fried kai-lan and other veges really well here ... Slurps!


Daniel ANG said...

Hi Jules,

Is this place open during the ramadan?

Plan to go down to taste them.

I will be travelling from Khor Fakkan.

I would appreciate if u have the contact for the Reem Cafe.


Julian Si said...

I don't have a contact number ;-) But the GPS coordinates may come in useful.

Or just go along SALAM ST, and head towards "Reem", its the exit after Sea Palace.


ps - Yes, its open during Ramadan, but all curtain-ed up, you can dine in though!

Anonymous said...

I just arrived from UK - Melayu Malaysian lah! Looks like a fantastic place to go...thanks for the info! Will get hubby to find the place. Cheers!

Julian Si said...

Enjoy your visit, and good luck with the relocation here :-)

zullfitrri said...

julian...u can speak malay rite??hehehehe,,,,,u at reem island now???where u stay n where u working???? i miss abu dhabi so much....n of coz im verry2 miss that TAMOUH office....i'll been there 2 last year maybe kalau tak silap la....heheheheh....manay chinese fren working at here...i miss them so much.....the environment...i miss winter....

Anonymous said...

they open during ramadan from 10am - 9pm daily except friday.