Friday, June 25, 2010

Heritage Village UAE : Nikkor 85mm f/1.4 shoot-out

Where the posh people of Abu Dhabi will soon live ... the three mega tower blocks!

Wasn't easy to shoot these leaves with the wind blowing ... focus , no-focus , focus , no-focus ... I need a newer body ;-) D700s / D700x I hear?

Hmm ... what ya looking at pussy cat? Don't you dare with them duckies, there are so many of them!

We spotted more duckies!

Feathered friends :-)

Random shots...

Small flowers and nice bamboo plant

One more ...

Adieu, from MD and myself on our Friday shoot-out ;-)


CUMI & CIKI said...

quack quack.. so cute! (last time u use to photograph race cars.. now duck! see what fatherhood has done to u?! in a good way of course:P)

bayu said...

nice shot......specially the first and the second pic......looks antique...tribal style.....:)

Julian Si said...

Ciki ciki ... Yah lar ;-) Times change. And I am all the happier for it!

Will still post car piccies lar ... Just shot an R8 last night ;-)

Bayu - Thanks! I thought the tip of the boat, looked kinda like Emirate Towers in the background!!! Or more like the towers took the shape of the boat ;-)

anw said...

nice shot...I like the first 3 photos.

anw said...

Thank...the siew yuk still ok, but roast, I still prefer seapark sunrise. Yupe the tofu not bad.