Friday, February 05, 2010

More Reem Island Malaysian food!

Tapowed some food from Reem Island cafe last week, we are grateful for Malaysian food in Abu Dhabi!

Tofu ...

Fu chuk with minced chicken ... really good!

Interesting! Ham Choy steamed fish ...

The "best" dish ... Orange/lemon roast chicken. Delicious!


Meng Lee said...

Hi, Thanks for sharing lots of lots of food and your every activities in Abu Dhabi!

I'm here for 2 years already and always missing Malaysian Food until I know that Noodle Bowl are serving really good food. I like it.

Beside, knows from your blog, Reem Cafe and Meena Cafe is also serving super good malaysian food, I wondering how can I describe to the Taxi Driver in Abu Dhabi in order for them to bring me there??

Do you have the shops number ..... Yumm... I can't wait to bring my friends to try the food.

Thank you so much!

Julian Si said...

You are most welcome, thanks for visiting my blog.

We like Noodle Bowl too!

Reem Island is quite inaccessible by taxi, as its a construction site at present. I would recommend driving instead!

Zelan construction site, located next to the Irani flower souk at Port Zayed area:-


Meng Lee said...

Dear Jules,

Thanks for the info .... Cool, it makes me looking forward for the food soon. Shall forward these info to my colleagues then we will try over there..... Btw, have you try the Friday BBQ night at Traders Hotel, Abu Dhabi?? Should try one day!

Cheer and thanks!