Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Bonna Anne - Ethiophian restaurant, Abu Dhabi

My 1st ever taste of Ethiophian cuisine, thanks to my host for the evening .. Mr B!

Located: Bonna Annee - Salam Street, Tourist Club Area
Adjacent: Near the "new" Beijing, which was next to our favourite chinese supermarket which was closed down!
Tel: +971 2 491 2128 Map: Its off Salam St 

Its not often I get to go to a restaurant where I don't recognise ANY of the dishes :-)

Excellent customer service, nice simple decor, and described as "Tastes like home!" ... It was an excellent experience!

First .. the meat arrived, on a sizzling platter. Smells wonderful!

Then ... the special Ethiophian bread (Which my makan partner in crime for the evening, Mr B described as having been flown in daily from Ethiophia!) arrived infused with juices from more meat ... This is called Injera (Can basically be described as a pancake-like bread with a really special aerated texture) and it comes with delicious spicy meat!

Special Tibs mixed with Tibs Fir Fir ... Eat with your hands, voila. Really good!
Good value too ... 70 AED for 2 persons including a bottle of water.

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Ciki said...

i like the names, and I don't recognize them either ! luckily they turned out good!