Saturday, March 02, 2013

Canon G10 - Repair done in Abu Dhabi, UAE

Our Canon G10 is back in operation again, after the lens got stuck late last year whilst we I was on holiday in Malaysia :-(

Yes, the repair cost a bomb (Canon UAE, Abu Dhabi) ... 200 USD for a new lens-assembly, to repair the "Lens error, Restart camera" fault. I think some call this the Canon E18 fault. Basically the lens barrel just wouldn't retract, despite doing a "battery-pull", restarting the camera, jiggling it, blah blah ... Sigh!

True, our Canon Powershot G10 is over 4 years old - But it was just too good a camera to dispose, especially when we have a brand new WP-DC28 underwater-housing (Over 200 USD!) and we one day ... want to go diving again! Looks like we have a working G10 again, woo hoo ...

ps - These shots were taken with our new Fuji X10   ;-)

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Ciki said...

glad u fixed it then;) sentimental value mahhhh