Thursday, January 03, 2013

Shake Shack - Now open in Dalma Mall, Abu Dhabi

Located: Ground floor, Dalma Mall - Mussafah, Abu Dhabi
Tel: +971 26120750
Opening hours: 12pm - 12am daily

Thanks to KCL for pointing out Shake Shack's website, which publishes their simple but elegant menu...

Here in the UAE, it is operated along with their partner M.H. Alshaya Co - Seems this unit at Dalma Mall is their 5th one, with the first 4 being in Dubai I believe. On this occassion, I was the first to arrive, it opened at exactly NOON, and the staff were really friendly :-)

After asking for the signature Shack Burger, I had a single patty burger (If you don't ask them specifically, they prepare each burger "medium" - I may try a "medium rare" next time) with no drink and no fries. Gulp ... 25 AED or RM$20 for this. Hmmm, wonder how big it is! Wonder how good it would be?

I did wonder why they issued me with a JTech Wireless Paging system (Not dissimilar to the one they issue at our local Evangelical Community Church), then I realised they cooked each burger fresh (I did not see any burgers "queueing" at the service counter) and it took about 10-20 minutes ....

BUZZZZZZ!!!... Yay .....

It was well worth the wait, and I enjoyed every single bite - Succulent patty, perfectly cooked, delicious cheese and veges, and a wonderful and delicate bun. It was small, but soooo good ;-)

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Unknown said...

Hi Jules,

Do you have email address? Would like to get some tips living here. Just arrived