Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Bloggers and Pork Knuckle at Leonardos - Jalan Bangkung

Add: 61-1 Jalan Bangkung, Bukit Bandaraya @ Bangsar, KL
Tel: +603 2096 2226
Opening Hours: Daily, 5pm till late
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The wine cellar

Delicious Pork Knuckle, with great condiments - Mushroom, Apple and Mustard. Goes great with the garden salad and toast too ;-)

Thanks to Nigel and his team for the evening, and good luck with

Blurb about this really interesting dining concept...

Experience dining in KL at new heights as we take you on a good food journey; sampling signature dishes at quality restaurants at attractive prices. Guaranteed to be a night of light-hearted stomach-pleasing fun - so get a group of friends, family and foodies together and embark on a tastebud-tempting night of culinary delight!

Take this chance to sample full-sized meals (i.e. starters, main courses and desserts) at three different restaurants in one night. All restaurants are within walking distance of each other and the furthest restaurant is only a relaxed 5-minute walk away. Get a feel of what each and every restaurant has to offer; savour speciality dishes and best-sellers, quaff delicate wines and bold, colourful cocktail favourites, soak up the atmosphere and spend some quality eating-time with friends and family.

All you have to do is reserve your place online right at Simply pick a location, choose a restaurant-combo and pay online. Menu prices are about 30% cheaper than regular prices and places are limited.

ps. Changkat Bintang (Yes, slurrrrp... Bermuda and Onion is on the list!), and Jalan Bangkung is on the list of events!

Nite guys ;-)


"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

hahah how come everytime theres alcohol..u got the 2 of them there ar...hahahaha...

fatboybakes said...

nipples, 2 of who?

Julian Si said...

Must be referring to C&C Music Factory .. Cumi dan Ciki :-)

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

C&C music factory feat eff bee bee in da horse...